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Tenth Avenue North - Times Chords

Intro: C#m0   A1   E2   B3
C#m4   A5      E6        B7
2    I know I need You
C#m8   A9       E10        B11
3    I need to love You
C#m12     A13       E14            B15            C#m16   A17   E18   B19
4    I’d love to see You, but It’s been so long
C#m20   A21       E22         B23
5    I long to feel You
C#m24   A25         E26             B27
6    I feel this need for You
C#m28   A29       E30         B31          C#m32     A33   E34   B35
7    I need to hear You, is that so wrong?
C#m36        E37          A38
10Oh Oh Oh   Oh Oh Oh   Oh Oh Oh
C#m39     A40       E41        B42
13Now You pull me near You
C#m43        A44       E45        B46
14When we’re close I fear You
C#m47         A48       E49        B50             C#m51   A52   E53   B54
15Still I’m afraid to tell You all that I’ve done
C#m55     A56       E57      B58     C#m59          A60          E61        B62
16Are You done forgiving,   or can You look past my pretending?
C#m63    A64          E65       B66           C#m67   A68   E69
17I’m so tired of defending what I’ve become
     B70           C#m71   A72   E73   B74
18What have I’ve become?
                          A75               E76
21I hear You say My love is over, it’s underneath
       B77               C#m78
22It’s inside, it’s in between
              A79                       E80
23The times you doubt Me when you can’t feel
                   B81                      C#m82
24The times that you question, “Is this for real?”
                 A83                          E84
25The times you’re broken, the times that you mend
              B85                              C#m86
26The times you hate Me and the times that you bend
           A87               E88
27My love is over, it’s underneath
       B89               C#m90
28It’s inside, it’s in between
                 A91                       E92
29The times you’re healing when your heart breaks
                   B93                            C#m94
30The times that you feel like you’ve fallen from grace
                 A95                           E96
31The times you’re hurting, the times that you heal
                 B97                         C#m98
34The times you go hungry and are tempted to steal
               A99                 E100
35In times of confusion, chaos and pain
                  B101                               C#m102
36I’m there in your sorrow under the weight of your shame
                       A103                                E104
37I’m there through your heartache; I’m there through the storm
               B105                C#m106
38My love I will keep by My power alone
                          A107                      E108
39I don’t care where you’ve fallen, where you have been
                   B109                  C#m110
40I’ll never forsake you, My love never ends
         A111     E112   B113
41It never ends


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