Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You

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    Am0                                        F1 
0The best thing about tonight’s that we’re not fighting 
C2 G3 1It couldn’t be that we have been this way before
Am4 F5 2I know you don’t think that I am trying
C6 G7 3I know you’re wearing thin down to the cor
F8 G9 5But hold your breath
C10 Am11 6Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
F12 7Over again
G13 8Don’t make me change my mind
C14 9I won’t live to see another day
Am15 10I swear it's true
F16 G17 11Because a girl like you is impossible to find
Am18 F19 C20 G21 12You’re impossible to find
14This is not what I intended
15I always swore to you that I would never fall apart
16You always thought that I was stronger
17I may have failed
18But I have loved you from the start
19Oh, But hold your breath
Am22 F23 C24 21So breathe in so deep
G25 Am26 22Breathe me in
F27 C28 23I’m yours to keep
G29 Am30 24And hold onto your words
F31 C32 25Cause talk is cheap
G33 F34 26And remember me tonight, when you’re asleep
0 3 5 7 E B G D A E
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