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Said The Whale - Seasons Chords

D0        A1             G2      A3       D4
0I always thought that winter was for lovers
Bm5            F#m6    G7     A8        D9
1Cuz when else is a body's warmth so warm
Bm10        F#m11       G12           A13        D14         G15
2But underneath my clothes your hands are fre-e-e-eezing
    A16              D17
3But I don't say a word
     D18     A19         G20        A21        D22
6But maybe it's the spring that is for lovers
Bm23   F#m24               G25          A26       D27
7Cuz that is when the leaves come out and bloom
Bm28           F#m29      G30      A31          D32   G33
8And all the light of every lengthening da-ay
      A34             D35
9That still ends too soon
     D36     A37         G38     A39       D40
12But now I know that summer is for lovers
    Bm41    F#m42          G43        A44      D45
13Cuz when else will we find the time to leave
Bm46          F#m47      G48          A49        D50        G51
14We'll lay beneath a field and watch our lo-o-ove growin
      A52              D53
15And swayin in the trees
     D54     A55       G56         A57       D58
18But maybe its the fall that is for lovers
Bm59           F#m60      G61           A62      D63
19Cuz that is when the leaves get tired of bein'
Bm64         F#m65      G66        A67      D68        G69
20Green and all the colours change to o-o-others
         A70          D71
21That are very rarely seen
G72             A73           D74
22    That are very rarely seen


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