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Rihanna - Suicide Chords

Bm0 D1 G2 Em3 
            Bm4     D5 
2Everywhere is still 
               G6              Em7 
3Everything is restless in my heart 
                     Bm8   D9 
4I hate the way this feels 
               G10            Em11 
5Suddenly I'm scared to be apart 
7The days are dark when you're not around 
8The air is getting hard to breathe 
9I wish that you would just put me down 
10I wish that I could go to sleep 
               Bm12     G13 
12Loving you is suicide 
                     A14              F#m15 
13I don't know should go or should I stay 
                    Bm16         G17 
14I'm tryna to keep myself alive 
                     A18                 F#m19  
15Knowing there's a chance it's all too late 
       Bm20                D21 
16But I heard you say you love me 
            G22           Em23 
17That's the part I can't forget 
       Bm24                 D25 
18And I wish that you come save me 
            G26                Em27 
19Cause' I'm standing over the edge 
21I should let you go 
22Tell myself the things I need to hear 
23But my brain is wired wrong. 
24That's why i'm loving you when you're not here. 
26Feels like I drown in your every word 
27And every breath that's in between. 
28Somehow you got me where it really hurts 
29It's killing every part of me. 
                  G28 A29 Em30 
31loving you is suicide 
         D31        A32        G33 
32And my world's about to break 
      Em34 Bm35   A36         G37 
33And I had as much as I can take 
     Em38                  Bm39 
34And love is a long way down 
                 Bm40  D41 
36Loving you is suicide 
                    G42        Em43 
37And it's getting harder everyday 
                      Bm44    D45 
38I'm tryna to keep myself alive 
                     G46                 Em47 
39Knowing there's a chance it's all too late 
         Bm48               D49 
40And I'm way past every moment 
                  G50            Em51  
41But I'm still determined to fight 
        Bm52               D53 
42And I know it's taking all my strength 
     G54             Em55 
43To give emotions alive 
44Loving you is suicide 


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