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Rent - One Song Glory Chords

Intro: G0  Em1  C2  D3  Em4
G5            Em6                     C7          D8
1  One song glory. One song before I go. Glory
2one song to leave behind.
      C10             D11              Em12
3Find     one song,    one last refrain.
                           C13       D14
4Glory from the pretty boy front man
    Em15             G16
5who wasted opportunity. One song,
6he had the world at his feet.
Em18                     C19        D20    Em21
7Glory in the eyes of a young girl, a young girl.
  G22                                 Em23
8Find glory beyond the cheap colored lights,
10one song before the sun sets
C24       D25        Em26          C27
11Glory     on another empty life.
      D28     Em29       G30
12Time Flies, time dies.
   Am31      C32       G33              Am34
13Glory--------------- one blaze of
  C35 G36               Am37 C38 G39
14glory. One blaze of glory.
D40       Em41 Cmaj742
15     Glory
    G43                           Em44
18Find glory in a song that rings true,
Em45                      C46     D47           Em48
19truth like a blazing fire. An eternal flame.
G49                           Em50
20Find one song, a song about love.
                         C51       D52
21Glory from the soul of a young man,
22a young man.
   C54              D55
23Find the one song
24before the virus takes hold, glory like a sunset.
C57           D58        Em759              Am60
25   One song   to redeem this empty life.
Am61   C62   G63                                Am64
26Time flies, and then no need to endure anymore.
  C65  G66 A67
27Time dies.


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