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Paolo Nutini - Loving You Chords

Intro: D0 D71 G2 A3
D4     D75             G6            A7
Back off loneliness anD8 hello tenderness,
D9     D710             G11            A12
3i've been waiting for your call for so long
D13     D714             G15            A16
4and it musta been hard just to follow your soul,
D17     D718             G19            A20
5to stick to the road that your heart wants you to go and as you
D21     D722             G23            A24
6slide through the door with your morals on your sleeve
D25     D726             G27            A28
7and i think its time for all those morals to leave so lets get
D29     D730            F#31           Bm32
8down and freaky baby, lets get restless baby
G33                    A34
9cmon' get crazy with me and i said, when your..
D35      D736      G37        A38
12loving me, im loving you
D39     D740                    G41                A42
13and i love the prowess in the things that you do and its your
D43     D744            F#45           Bm46
14flawless soul that bleeds my stone and when your
G47                           A48
15loving me im loving you and thats when we've got it goin' on


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