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Nena - 99 Red Balloons Chords

E0              F#m1
1You and I in a little toy shop
      A2                        B3
2Buy a bag of balloons with the money we got
E4                    F#m5
3Set them free at the break of dawn
     A6                     B7
4Till one by one, they were gone
E8             F#m9
7Back at base, bugs in the software
A10                  B11
8Flash the message: Something's out there...
E12               F#m13
9Floating in the summer sky
A14  B15                 E16 F#m17 A18 B19
1099 Red Balloons go by...
E20  F#m21
1399 Red Balloons
A22               B23
14Floating in the summer sky
E24               F#m25
15Panicking, it's red alert
        A26                   B27
16There's something here from somewhere else
E28            F#m29
17War machines spring to life
A30            B31
18Opens up one eager eye
E32           F#m33
19Focusing it on the sky
      A34  B35               E36
20Where 99 Red Balloons go by...
E37     F#m38
2399 Decision street
A39      B40
2499 ministers meet
   E41            F#m42
25To worry, worry; super scurry
A43                   B44
26Call the troops out in a hurry
E45                  F#m46
27This is what we've waited for
A47                 B48
28This is it, boys, this is war
    E49            F#m50
29The president is on the line
   A51  B52                E53 F#m54 A55 B56
30As 99 Red Balloons go by...
E57          F#m58
3399 knights of the air
     A59               B60
34Ride super high-tech jet fighters
E61            F#m62
35Everyone's a super hero
A63            B64
36Everyone's a Captain Kirk
     E65          F#m66
37With orders to identify
   A67            B68
38To clarify and classify
E69               F#m70
39Scramble in the summer sky
   A71  B72               E73 F#m74
40As 99 Red Balloons go by...
   A75  B76               E77 F#m78 A79 B80
41As 99 Red Balloons go by...
E81         F#m82
4499 dreams I have had
   A83              B84
45In each and every red balloon
E85                      F#m86
46  It's all over and I'm  standing pretty
A87                B88
47In the dust that was a city
   E89              F#m90
48If i could find a souveneir
A91                 B92
49Just to prove the world was here
E93             F#m94
50And here is a red balloon
A95                B96
51  I think of you   and let it go...


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