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Nelly Furtado - Try Chords

Intro: Em0 D1 Am2 - 2x -
Em3 D4         Am5
1      All I know
     Em6              D7                Am8
2Is everything is not as it's sold
Em9        D10           Am11        Em12       D13       Am14
3but the more I grow the less I know
Em15           D16                  Am17
4       And I have lived so many lives
Em18                D19             Am20
5       Though I'm not old
Em21                D22         Am23
6       And the more I see, the less I grow
         Em24             D25                        Am26
7The fewer the seeds the more I sow
Em27               C28                           G29
9       Then I see you standing there,
D30                              Em31         C32            G33       D34
10wanting more from me , and all I can do is try
Em35               C36                            G37
11       Then I see you standing there
 D38                             Em39           C40         G41         D42 Em43 D44 Am45
12wanting more from me , and all I can do i-i-i-is try
     Em46   D47   Am48
Em49               D50       Am51 Em52   D53                     Am54
15     I wish I hadn't seen          all of the realness
 Em55          D56              Am57            Em58             D59     Am60
16       And all the real people are really not real at all
Em61         D62         Am63                     Em64
17      The more I learn, the more I learn
        D65         Am66
18the more I cry , the more I cry
Em67            D68         Am69                       Em70
19      As I say goodbye to the way of life
                   D71           Am72
20I thought I had designed for me
Em73               C74                           G75
22       Then I see you standing there,
D76                              Em77         C78            G79       D80
23wanting more from me , and all I can do is try
Em81               C82                            G83
24       Then I see you standing there
 D84                             Em85           C86         G87         D88 Em89 D90 Am91
25wanting more from me , and all I can do i-i-i-is try
                Em92 D93 Am94    Em95  D96   Am97     Em98 D99 Am100
27Oh oohh try                  try-y-y-y-y   try
Em101 D102 Am103   Em104 D105 Am106
 Em107               C108                   G109          D110
30All of the moments that already passed
          Em111            C112            G113                 D114
31We'll try to go back and make them last
 Em115          C116                                G117             D118
32All of the things we want each other to be
       Em119            C120          G121             D122
33We never will be, we never will be
                Em123                 C124 G125 D126                   Em127 C128 G129 D130
34And that's      wonderful,           and that's life
                   Em131      C132              G133          D134
35And that's you, baby , this is me, baby
               Em135   C136        G137    D138     Em139    C140        G141      D142
36And we are,          we are,       we are,    we are
               Em143   C144        G145    D146   Em147      C148        G149        D150
37And we are,          we are,     Freeeeeeeeeeeeee
            Em151      C152     G153      D154       Em155    C156      G157    D158
38In our looooooooove           we aaaaaaaaaare
                      Em159         C160      G161     D162    Em163   C164   G165   D166   Em167
39free in our looooooooooooooooove                              try


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