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Lee Brice - Woman Like You Chords

Intro: G0 Em1 C2 Am3 D4
G5                            Em6                             C7
1Last night out of the blue driftin off to the evening news she said honey
                   Am8           D9       G10                               Em11
2what would you do if you never met me. I just smiled said I don't know but I
                                    C12                           Am13
3could take a couple guesses though then tried to dig real deep said darling
 G15                                   Em16                                  C17
7 I'd do alot more offshore fishing probably eat more drive-thru chicken take
                                Am18                 D19          G20
8a few strokes off my golf game if i'd never known your name. I'd still be
                            Em21                                    C22
9drivin that old green Nova probably would've never heard of yoga be a better
              Am23               D24         Em25                          C26
10football fan but if I was a single man, alone and out there on the loose,
            Am27                 D28
11well i'd be looking for a woman like you.
14-same chord pattern as before!-
15Well I can tell I got her attention, so I said oh yeah I forgot to mention, I
16wouldn't trade a single day for a hundred years the other way. She just smiled and
17rolled her eyes, cause she's heard all of my lines, I said come on girl seriously,
18if I hadn't been so lucky
G29                                       Em30                            C31
21I'd be shootin pool in my bachelor pad playing bass in my cover band be
                            Am32                   D33              G34
22stocking up cold bud lights for poker every tuesday night yeah have a dirt
                  Em35                             Am36
23bike in the shed not one cold pillow on the bed, keep my cash in a cofee can
  Am37               D38        Em39                         C40      Am41
24but if I was a single man, alone and out there on the loose, well i'd be
25looking for a woman like you
Em43                                   C44                   Am45
28She knows what a mess i'd be if I didn't have her here, but to be sure, I
29wispered in her ear.
G47                                     Em48                              C49
33You know I get sick deep sea fishing you make the best fried chicken I got a
                    Am50                    D51        G52
34hopeless golf game I love the sound of your name. I might miss that old
            Em53                              Am54
35green Nova but I love watching you do yoga take a gold band on my hand over
       D55             Em56                           C57            Am58
36being a single man, cause honestly I don't know what i'd do, if I never met
Am59         D60       G61 Em62 C63 Am64 D65 - end G66 -
37a woman like you.


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