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Laura Story - Grace Chords

Intro: F0 A#1 F2 C3
       F4             A#5
2My heart is so proud
       C	           F6
3My mind is so unfocused
F	             A#7
4I see the things you do through me
C		      F8
5As great things I have done
F		A#9
6But now you gently break me
	C	     Dm	     C10
7And I love it where you take me
        A#		F11
8You hold me as my Father
         A#		C12
9And mold me as my Maker
12And I ask you
F		      A#13
13How many times will you pick me up
C		     F14
14When I keep on letting you down
F		          A#15
15And each time I will fall short of your glory
Dm			 C16
16How far will forgiveness abound?
F		       A#17
19And You answer, “My child, I love you
	Dm		             C	A#18
20And as long as you’re seeking My face
Dm			C		F19
21You’ll walk in the power of my daily sufficient grace.”
23Verse -same as first-:
24At times I may grow weak
25And feel a bit discouraged
26Knowing that someone somewhere
27Could do a better job
28But who am I to serve You
29When I know I don’t deserve You
30But that’s the part that burns in my heart
31And keeps me hanging on
C20          Dm21
33You are so patient with me, Lord
35Verse -same as first-:
36As I walk with you, I’m learning
37What your grace really means
38The price that I could never pay
39Was paid at Calvary
40So instead of trying to repay you
41I’m learning to simply obey you
42by giving up my life to you
43For all that you’ve given to me


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