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Jack Johnson - Taylor Chords

       C0                       C1
0they say taylor was a good girl, never one to be late
 Am2              F3             C4    C5    Am6  F7
1complain, express ideas in her brain
C8                           C9
2working on the night shift, passing out the tickets,
       Am10                  F11                    C12   C13   Am14 F15
3youre gonna have to pay her if you want to park here
      C16                        C17
4well mommys little dancer has quite a little secret
Am18                          F19                 C20  C21   Am22 F23
5working on the streets now, never gonna keep it
     C24                      C25
6its quite an imposition and now shes only wishing
      Am26                    F27                   C28  C29   Am30
7that she would have listened to the words they said
8poor taylor
C32            C33               Am34   F35              C36
11She just wanders around, unaffected by
    C37              Am38  F39               C40
12the winter winds and she'll pretend that
            C41      Am42   F43             C44
13shes somewhere else, so far and clear
      C45               Am46
14about two thousand miles from here
C47             C48                       Am49     F50
17peter patrick pitter patters on the window
    C51             C52              Am53      F54
18but sunny silhouette wont let him in
C55                  C56                          Am57       F58
19poor old petes got nothing because hes been falling
         C59          C60             Am61      F62
20somehow sunny knows just where hes been
               C63                          C64           Am65    F66
21he thinks that singing on sunday is gonna save his soul
C67        C68      Am69         F70
22now that saturday is gone
C71            C72                 Am73    F74
23sometimes he thinks that hes on his way
          C75    C76    Am77
24but i can see
25that his break lights are on
C79            C80               Am81   F82              C83
28He just wanders around, unaffected by
    C84              Am85  F86                   C87
29the winter winds and he'll pretend that
      C88              Am89   F90             C91
30he's somewhere else, so far and clear
      C92               Am93
31about two thousand miles from here
        C94               C95
34such a tough enchilada filled up with nada
Am96                    F97                   C98    C99   Am100 F101
35giving what she gotta give to get a dollar bill
        C102                    C103
36used to be a limber chicken, times a been a ticking
Am104                      F105
37nows shes finger licking to the man
         C106                   C107
38with the money in his pocket flying in his rocket
Am108                     F109                C110     C111   Am112
39only stopping by on his way to a better world
      F113                      C114 C115   Am116
40if taylor finds a better world
    F117                     C118
41then taylor's gonna run away


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