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Harry Chapin - Circle Chords

C0      C71       C62    C73
1All my life's a Circle
C4       C75         Dm76
2Sunrise and sundown
    Dm7         Dm78         Dm69       Dm710
3The moon rolls through the night time
C11                  C712         C613    C714
4Till the day break comes around
C15      C716       C617      C718
5All my life's a Circle
C19           C720       F21
6But I can't tell you why
    F22                 G23
7The season's spinning round again
F24              G25       C26   C727  C628  C729
8The years keep rollin' by
10Verse - same chord progression throughout the rest of the song, timing is not that difficult -:
11It seems like I've been her before
12But I sure can't remember when
13And I got this funny feelin'
14That we'll all get together again
15There are no straight lines make up my life
16And all my roads have bends
17There's no clear cut beginnings
18And so far no dead ends
21I found you a thousand times
22I guess you've done the same
23But then we lose each other
24It's just like a children's game
25But as I find you here again
26The thought runs through my mind
27Our love is like a Circle
28Let's roll round one more time
30Verse - first one repeated -:
C30      C731       C632    C733
31All my life's a Circle
C34       C735         Dm736
32Sunrise and sundown
    Dm37         Dm738         Dm639       Dm740
33The moon rolls through the night time
C41                  C742         C643    C744
34Till the day break comes around
C45      C746       C647      C748
35All my life's a Circle
C49           C750       F51
36But I can't tell you why
    F52                 G53
37The season's spinning round again
F54              G55       C56   C757  C658  C759
38The years keep rollin' by
        F60             G61      C62   C763  C664  C765
41And the years keep on rollin by


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