Eminem - Love The Way You Lie chords

0Chorus 1: Rihanna
Gm0 1Just gonna stand there
D#1 2And watch me burn
A#2 3But that's alright
4Because I like
F3 5The way it hurts
Gm4 6Just gonna stand there
D#5 7And hear me cry
A#6 8But that's alright
9Because I love
F7 10The way you lie
Gm8 - hold - 11I love the way you lie
14Verse 1: Eminem
Gm9 15I can't tell you what it really is
16I can only tell you what it feels like
D#10 17And right now there's a steel knife
18In my windpipe
A#11 19I can't breathe
20But I still fight
21While I can fight
F12 22As long as the wrong feels right
23It's like I'm in flight
Gm13 24 High of a love
25Drunk from the hate
D#14 26It's like I'm huffing paint
27And I love it the more that I suffer
28I suffocate
A#15 29And right before im about to drown
F16 30She resuscitates me
31She xxxxing hates me
32And I love it
Gm17 33Wait Where you going
34I'm leaving you
D#18 35No you ain't Come back
36We're running right back
37Here we go again
A#19 38It's so insane
39Cause when it's going good
40It's going great
F20 41I'm Superman
42With the wind in his bag
43She's Lois Lane
Gm21 44But when it's bad
45It's awful I feel so ashamed
D#22 46I snap Who's that dude
47I don't even know his name
A#23 48I laid hands on her
49I'll never stoop so low again
F24 50I guess I don't know my own strength
53Chorus 2: Rihanna
Gm25 54Just gonna stand there
D#26 55And watch me burn
A#27 56But that's alright
57Because I like
F28 58The way it hurts
Gm29 59Just gonna stand there
D#30 60And hear me cry
A#31 61But that's alright
62Because I love
F32 63The way you lie
Gm33 D#34 64I love the way you lie
A#35 F36 65I love the way you lie
68Verse 2: Eminem
Gm37 69You ever love somebody so much
70You can barely breathe
71When you're with them
D#38 72You meet And neither one of you
73Even know what hit 'em
A#39 74Got that warm fuzzy feeling
75Yeah them chills
76Used to get 'em
F40 77Now you're getting xxxxing sick
78Of looking at 'em
Gm41 79You swore you've never hit 'em
80Never do nothing to hurt 'em
D#42 81Now you're in each other's face
82Spewing venom And these words
83When you spit 'em
A#43 84You push Pull each other's hair
85Scratch, claw, bit 'em
F44 86Throw 'em down
87Pin 'em So lost in the moments
88When you're in 'em
Gm45 89It's the rage that took over
90It controls you both
D#46 91So they say it's best
92To go your separate ways
93Guess that they don't
A#47 94know ya Cause today
95That was yesterday
96Yesterday is over
F48 97It's a different day
98Sound like broken records
99Playin' over
Gm49 100But you promised her
101Next time you'll show restraint
D#50 102You don't get another chance
103Life is no Nintendo game
A#51 104But you lied again
105Now you get to watch her leave
106Out the window
F52 107Guess that's why they call it window pane
110- Repeat Chorus 2 -
113Verse 3: Eminem
Gm53 114Now I know we said things
115Did things
116That we didn't mean
D#54 117And we fall back
118Into the same patterns
119Same routine
A#55 120But your temper's just as bad
121As mine is
122You're the same as me
F56 123But when it comes to love
124You're just as blinded
Gm57 125Baby please come back
126It wasn't you
127Baby it was me
D#58 128Maybe our relationship
129Isn't as crazy as it seems
A#59 130Maybe that's what happens
131When a tornado meets a volcano
F60 132All I know is
133I love you too much
134To walk away though
Gm61 135Come inside
136Pick up your bags off the sidewalk
D#62 137Don't you hear sincerity
138In my voice when I talk
A#63 139Told you this is my fault
140Look me in the eyeball
F64 141Next time I'm pissed
142I'll aim my fist
143At the dry wall
Gm65 144Next time
145There will be no next time
D#66 146I apologize
147Even though I know it's lies
A#67 148I'm tired of the games
149I just want her back
150I know I'm a liar
F68 - hold - 151If she ever tries to xxxxing leave again
152I'mma tie her to the bed
153And set the house on fire
156- Repeat Chorus 2 -
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