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Elvis Presley - The Girl I Never Loved Chords


[verse 1]
The girl I never loved
     F#m          B7
Will never know I cared
    E                G#m  C#7
And all my dreams of her
    F#m               B7
Are dreams I'll never share
      E              G#7
For I want her and I need her
      C#m                F#7
And I know it might have been
       E            F#m           B7
But it ended long before it could begin

[verse 2]
The kiss I never got
    F#m            B7
Somebody else will take
    E             G#m  C#7
The plans I never made
    F#m            B7
Somebody else will make
       E              G#7
Oh I'm lonely, I'm so lonely
           C#m              F#7
Cause it's her I'm thinking of
           E             F#m          B7
But she'll always be the girl I never loved
      C7    E
Never loved, never loved


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