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Elvis Costello - Alison Chords

Intro: A0  E1
            A2                           E3
1Oh its so funny to be seeing you after so long girl
 A4                                      G#m5            C#m6
2And by the way you look i understand that you were not impressed
 A7                                G#m8      C#m9
3But i heard you let that little friend of mine
 D10                   B711      B712
4Take off your party dress
 A13                 G#m14    C#m15
5I'm not gonna get too sentimental
            A16                G#m17  C#m18
6Like those other sticky valentines
  A19                              G#m20       C#m21
7Cause i don't know if you were loving somebody
 D22                        B723      B724
8I only know it isn't mine
A25     E26  A27           B28        G#m29    C#m30
11Alison i know this world is killing you
A31        E32   A33    B34      E35
12Oh Alison     my aim is true
        A36                 E37
15Well i see you've got a husband now
        A38                              G#m39             C#m40
16Did he leave your pretty fingers lying in the wedding cake
     A41                     G#m42      C#m43
17You used to hold him right in your hand
        D44                      B745      B746
18But he took all that he could take
  A47                            G#m48            C#m49
19Sometimes i wish that i could stop you from talking
        A50                 G#m51            C#m52
20When i hear those silly things that you say
    A53                   G#m54              C#m55
21I think somebody better put out the big light
             D56                           B757       B758
22- Be -cause i can't stand to see you this way
A59     E60   A61          B62      G#m63     C#m64
25Alison i know this world is killing you
   A65     E66 A67    B68       E69
26Oh Alison   my aim is true
A70          E71          A72        E73
27my aim is true,    My aim is true   - To fade -


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