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Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros - Man On Fire Chords

Intro: B0
      E1      B2
1I'm a man on fire
        E3            B4
2Walking through your street
     E5   F#6
3With one guitar
        E7       B8
4And two dancing feet
     E9       B10
5Only one desire
       E11       B12
6That's left in me
           E13          F#14
7I want the whole damn world
        C15          G16
8To come dance with me
G#m17              E18          B19
11Ohhhhhhhh. Come dance with me
     E20          G#m21
14Over murder and pain
         E22       B23
15Come and set you free
     E24             G#m25
16Over heartache and shame
        E26       B27                       E28       G#m29
17I wanna see our bodies burning like the old big sun
        E30         B31                       E32        G#m33
18I wanna know what we've been learning and learning from
Interlude: F#34  B35  E36
E37              B38       F#39   B40  E41
21Everybody want safety -safety love-
E42              B43       F#44   B45    E46
22Everybody want comfort -comfort love-
E47              B48        F#49  B50    E51
23Everybody want certain -certain love-
E52             F#53
24Everybody but me
      E54      B55
27I'm a man on fire
        E56            B57
28Walking through your street
     E58   F#59
29With one guitar
        E60       B61
30And two dancing feet
     E62       B63
31Only one desire
       E64       B65
32That's left in me
           E66          F#67
33I want the whole damn world
        C68          G69
34To come dance with me
Interlude: G#m70  E71  B72  F#73  E74  G#m75  E76  B77  F#78  E79  G80
               E81          B82
37Yay, yay. Come dance with me
     E83              G#m84
38Over heartache and rage
     E85      B86
39Come set us free
     E87         G#m88
40Over panic and strange
        E89       B90                       E91       G#m92
41I wanna see our bodies burning like the old big sun
        E93         B94                       E95        G#m96
42I wanna know what we've been learning and learning from
Interlude: B97  F#98  E99
E100              B101        B102  F#103    E104
45Everybody want romance -romance love-
E105              B106       B107   F#108  E109
46Everybody want safety -safety love-
E110              B111        B112  F#113    E114
47Everybody want comfort -comfort love-
E115             F#116
48Everybody but me
      E117      B118
51I'm a man on fire -he's a man on fire-
        E119         B120
52Walking down your street -walking down your street-
     E121      F#122
53With one guitar -With one guitar-
F#123       E124       B125
54And two dancing feet -two dancing feet-
     E126     B127
55Only one desire -one desire-
       E128        B129
56That's still in me -that's left in me-
B130          E131          F#132
57I want the whole damn world -I want the whole damn world-
F#133           E134          B135
58To come and dance with me -come and dance with me yeahhhhh...-


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