Ed Sheeran - Dont chords

Intro: Gm0 Dm1 D#2 F3 Gm4 Dm5
D#6 F7 1Ah-la-la-la-la
Gm8 Dm9 4I met this girl late last year
D#10 F11 5She said don’t you worry if I disappear
Gm12 Dm13 6I told her I’m not really looking for another mistake
D#14 F15 7I called an old friend thinking that the trouble would wait
Gm16 Dm17 8But then I jump right in a week later return
D#18 F19 9I reckon she was only looking for a lover to burn
Gm20 Dm21 10But I gave her my time for two or three nights
D#22 F23 11Then I put it on pause until the moment was right
Gm24 Dm25 D#26 F27 12I went away for months until our paths crossed again
Gm28 Dm29 13She told me I was never looking for a friend
D#30 F31 14Maybe you could swing by my room around 10
Gm32 Dm33 15Baby bring a lemon and a bottle of gin
D#34 F35 16We’ll be in between the sheets until the late AM
Gm36 Dm37 17Baby if you wanted me then you should’ve just said
19She’s singing
D#38 F39 20Ah-la-la-la-la
F40 Gm41 23Don’t **** with my love
Dm42 D#43 24That heart is so cold
F44 Gm45 25All over my arm
Dm46 D#47 26I don’t wanna know that babe
F48 Gm49 27Don’t **** with my love
Dm50 D#51 28I told her she knows
F52 Gm53 29Take aim and reload
Dm54 D#55 30I don’t wanna know that babe
F56 31Ah-la-la-la-la
Gm57 Dm58 34For a couple weeks I only want to see her
D#59 F60 35We drink away the days with a take away pizza
Gm61 Dm62 36Before a text message was the only way to reach her
D#63 F64 37Now she’s staying at my place and loves the way I treat her
Gm65 Dm66 38Singing out Aretha all over the track like a feature
D#67 F68 39Never want to sleep I guess that I don’t want to either
Gm69 Dm70 40But me and her we make money the same way
D#71 F72 41Four cities, two planes the same day
Gm73 Dm74 42Those shows have never been what it’s about
D#75 F76 43But maybe we’ll go together and just figure it out
Gm77 Dm78 44I’d rather put on a film with you and sit on the couch
D#79 F80 45But we should get on a plane or we’ll be missing it now
Gm81 Dm82 46Wish I’d have written it down the way that things played out
D#83 F84 47When she was kissing him, how? I was confused about
Gm85 Dm86 48She should figure it out while I’m sat here singing
D#87 F88 49Ah-la-la-la-la
F89 Gm90 52Don’t **** with my love
Dm91 D#92 53That heart is so cold
F93 Gm94 54All over my arm
Dm95 D#96 55I don’t wanna know that babe
F97 Gm98 56Don’t **** with my love
Dm99 D#100 57I told her she knows
F101 Gm102 58Take aim and reload
Dm103 D#104 59I don’t wanna know that babe
F105 60Ah-la-la-la-la
Gm106 Dm107 63*Knock knock knock* on my hotel door
D#108 F109 64I don’t even know if she knows what for
Gm110 Dm111 65She was crying on my shoulder I already told ya
D#112 F113 66Trust and respect is what we do this for
Gm114 Dm115 67I never intended to be next
D#116 F117 68But you didn’t need to take him to bed that’s all
Gm118 Dm119 69And I never saw him as a threat
D#120 F121 70Until you disappeared with him to have xxx of course
Gm122 Dm123 71It’s not like we were both on tour
D#124 F125 72We were staying on the same ******* hotel floor
Gm126 Dm127 73And I wasn’t looking for a promise or commitment
D#128 F129 74But it was never just fun and I thought you were different
Gm130 Dm131 75This is not the way you realize what you wanted
D#132 F133 76It’s a bit too much, too late if I’m honest
Gm134 Dm135 77All this time God knows I’m singing
D#136 F137 78Ah-la-la-la-la
F138 Gm139 81Don’t **** with my love
Dm140 D#141 82That heart is so cold
F142 Gm143 83All over my arm
Dm144 D#145 84I don’t wanna know that babe
F146 Gm147 85Don’t **** with my love
Dm148 D#149 86I told her she knows
F150 Gm151 87Take aim and reload
Dm152 D#153 88I don’t wanna know that babe
F154 Gm155 89Don’t **** with my love
Dm156 D#157 90That heart is so cold
F158 Gm159 91All over my arm
Dm160 D#161 92I don’t wanna know that babe
F162 Gm163 93Don’t **** with my love
Dm164 D#165 94I told her she knows
F166 Gm167 95Take aim and reload
Dm168 D#169 96I don’t wanna know that babe
F170 97Ah-la-la-la-la
0 3 5 7 E B G D A E
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