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Defeater - I Dont Mind Chords

C0               E71
0Let's talk about the old days,
Am2              F3
1let's talk about your friends,
C4               E75
2let's talk about the summer
Am6              F7
3and how you wish it wouldn't end.
C8               E79
4Did I forget to tell you,
Am10              F11
5how pretty you looked in that dress?
C12               E713
6In the first time that I saw you,
Am14              F15
7you cleaned the mess from my head.
Dm16              G17
10And I don't mind,
C18        E719     Am20
11if we take our time.
F21               G22    C23
12No, I don't mind.
C24               E725
15Lets go walkin' on the boardwalk,
Am26              F27
16dip our feet into the sea.
C28               E729
17Lets find ourselves lost for hours,
Am30              F31
18until we find ourselves a drink.
C32               E733
19Lets talk that sun into setting,
Am34              F35
20just need the sound of your voice.
C36               E737
21Need that calming and the comfort,
Am38              F39
22something to drown out the noise.
Dm40              G41
25And I don't mind,
C42        E743     Am44
26if we take our time,
F45                   G46                   C47
27'cause I'm all yours if you're all mine.
C48                                       E749
28Something I've been meanin' to tell you,
Am50                        F51
29about three years and a day.
C52                              E753
30I'd very much like to get married,
Am54                          F55
31maybe have kids and move away,
C56                                           E757
32'cause there ain't nothing like your smile,
Am58                     F59
33your legs and those eyes.
C60                            E761
34I will beg and steal and borrow
Am62                           F63
35to keep you safe your whole life.
Dm64              G65
38And I don't mind,
C66        Em67      Am68
39if we take our time,
F69                 G70                     C71
40'cause I'm all yours if you're all mine.


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