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Darren Criss - Dont You Chords

Intro: -riff-
E4    Esus45               E6
8Say, wasn't that a funny day?
Esus47                 C#m8       F#9   F#710
9Gee, you had a funny way a way about you.
           A11               Am12 A13
A14 kind of glow of something new.
E15    Esus416                   E17
10Sure I'll admit that I'm the same.
Esus418                C#m19               F#20 F#721
11Another sucker for a game kids like to play,
        A22                  Am23         G#m724 Gm725
12And the rules they like to use.
A26                  Am27
15Don't you want the way I feel?
C#m28                 F#29
16Don't you want the way I feel?
A30                  Am31             E32
17Don't you want the way I feel for you?
E33       Esus434                    E35
21The sun: telling me the night is done.
Esus436                   C#m37      F#38 F#739
22Well I refuse to let it stop our fun.
           A40                  Am41   A42
23Close your eyes—we'll make it dark again
  E43     Esus444                           E45
A46 kiss; there's a thought, so how 'bout this?
Esus447                       C#m48              F#49 F#750
24Let's pretend that both our lips are made of candy.
      A51                           Am52         G#m753 Gm754
25After all, we need sweets every now and then.
A55                  Am56
28Don't you want the way I feel?
C#m57                 F#58
29Don't you want the way I feel?
A59                  Am60             E61
30Don't you want the way I feel for you?
Interlude: E62 E763
A#764               D765            C#m766            E767
34Here we are: two strangers in a very different place.
Am68                                E69
35Who knows what could happen to us next?
D70                B771      G#m772            F#773
36Here we are with nothing but this little spark.
         A74       A75       Am76               E77     E778
37It's too cold outside to lay this fire to rest.
E79   Esus480       E81
40Go? How so very apropos:
Esus482                     C#m83     F#84 F#785
A86 goodbye just as soon as I said 'Hello."
        A87                  Am88 A89
41Well alright, I'll see you later.
     E90     Esus491                   E92
42It's true: it's just a fantasy for two.
    Esus493                       C#m94                 F#95 F#796
43But what's the difference if it all could have been true?
A97               Am98         G#m799 Gm7100
44I guess this is better.
A101                  Am102
47Don't you want the way I feel?
C#m103                 F#104
48Don't you want the way I feel?
A105                  Am106             E107
49Don't you want the way I feel for you?

A110                  Am111
58Don't you want the way I feel?
C#m112                 F#113
59Don't you want the way I feel?
A114                  Am115             E116
60Don't you want the way I feel for you?


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