Cam - Burning House

Am0 C1 F2 Am3 C4 F5 G6 Am7 G8 C9 F10 C11 F12 C13 G14 1
Am15 C16 F17 2I had a dream about a burning house
Am18 3You were stuck inside
F19 C20 G21 4I couldn't get you out
Am22 G23 C24 F25 5I laid beside you and pulled you close
C26 F27 C28 G29 6And the two of us went up in smoke
F30 Am31 C32 F33 8Love isn't all that it seems I did you wrong
F34 Am35 C36 F37 9I'll stay here with you, until this dream is gone
C38 11I've been sleepwalking
G39 12Been wandering all night
Am40 C41 13Trying to take what's lost and broken and
F42 14Make it right
C43 15I've been sleepwalking
G44 16Too close to the fire
Am45 C46 F47 17But it's the only place that I can hold you tight
F48 C49 G50 18In this burning house
Am51 C52 F53 20See you at a party and you look the same
Am54 21I could take you back
F55 C56 G57 22But people don't ever change
Am58 G59 C60 F61 23Wish that we could go back in time
C62 F63 C64 G65 24And I'd be the one you thought you'd find
C66 F67 26The flames are getting bigger now
F68 G69 27In this burning house
C70 (walk down to) Am71 28I can hold on to you somehow
F72 G73 29In this burning house
C74 (walk down to) Am75 30Oh when I don't want to wake up
F76 G77 31In this burning house
C78 33I've been sleepwalking
G79 34Been wandering all night
Am80 C81 35Trying to take what's lost and broken and
F82 36Make it right
C83 37I've been sleepwalking
G84 38Too close to the fire
Am85 C86 F87 39But it's the only place that I can hold you tight
F88 G89 40In this burning house
C90 Am91 F92 G93
0 3 5 7 E B G D A E
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1 3 5 E B G D

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