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Bing Crosby - Ill Be Home For Christmas Chords

C0        Em1        Dm2     G73  
0I'll be home for Christmas,  
C4        Gm5     A6    Dm7  
1You can count on  me  
Fm8           G79         C10      Am11  
2Please have snow, and mistletoe,  
    D712        Dm13      G714  
3and presents on the tree  
C15          Em16        Dm17    G718  
5Christmas Eve will find me,  
C19          Gm20    A21      Dm22  
6Where the love light gleams  
F23        Fm24        C25      A726  
7I'll be home for Christmas,  
   D727    Dm28   G29   C30  
8If only in  my dreams  
G31        A732        D733      
10I'll be home for Christmas,  
G34        E735       Am36  
11You can plan on me  
C37            D738         G39      Em40  
12Please have snow, and mistletoe,  
    A741        Am42      D743  
13and presents on the tree  
G44          A745        D746     
15Christmas Eve will find me,  
G47          E748          Am49  
16Where the love light gleams  
C50        Cm51        G52      E753  
17I'll be home for Christmas,  
   A754    D755   Am56  G57  
18If only in  my dreams 


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