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Beirut - Santa Fe Chords

Interlude: F#0 B1 E2 G#m3
F#4   B5       E6     G#m7
1Your days in one
F#8   B9      E10
2This day undone
             G#m11     F#12
3The kind that breaks under
    B13      E14
4All day at once
       G#m15   F#16
5for me, for you
     B17       E18
6I'm just too young
           G#m19   F#20
7And what of my heart
     B21       E22
8This day was once
      G#m23    F#24
9Silence before
    B25        E26       G#m27
10All grace of lost
F#28    B29       E30
11Can't wait at all
      G#m31     F#32
12Can't wait at all
14Temptation won
-same chord pattern F#33 B34 E35 G#m36 throughout the song-
18And what ever comes through the door
19I'll see it face to face
20All by your place
22Sign me up Santa Fe
23And call your son
24Sign me up Santa Fe
25On the cross Santa Fe
26And all I want
27Sign me up Santa Fe
28And call your son
30And I and I and I alone want you to know
31And I and I and I alone
32And I and I and I alone want you to know
33And I and I and I alone
35Your days in one
36This day undone
37The kind that breaks under
38All day at once
39for me, for you
40I'm just too young
41And what of my heart
43Sign me up Santa Fe
44And call your son
45Sign me up Santa Fe
46On the cross Santa Fe
47And all I want
48Sign me up Santa Fe
49And call your son..


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