Avril Lavigne - Complicated

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Dm0 A#1 F2 C3 x4 1Uh huh life's like this
2Uh huh that's the way it is
F4 4Chill out what you yellin for
Dm5 5Lay back It's all been done before
A#6 C7 6And if you could only let it be, you will see
8I like you the way you are
9When we're drivin in your car
10And you're talkin to me one on one, but you become
A#8 12Somebody else, round everyone else
Dm9 13Watchin your back like you can't relax
A#10 14You tryin to be cool
C11 15You look like a fool to me, tell me
Dm12 A#13 F14 17Why'd you have to go and make things, so complicated
C15 Dm16 A#17 18I see the way you're actin like you're somebody else
F18 C19 19Gets me frusterated, life's like this you
Dm20 A#21 20You fall and you crawl, and you break and
F22 C23 21You take what you get, and you turn into
Gm24 22Honestly, you promised me
A#25 F26 ( Dm27 A#28 C29 ) 23I'm never gonna find you fake it no no no
25You come over unannounced
26Dressed up like you're somethin else
27Where you are and where it's at you see, you're makin me
29Laugh out when you strike a pose
30Take off all your preppy clothes
31You know You're not foolin anyone, when you become
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