Army Of Lovers - Crucified chords

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Em0       B71 
0I'm crucified 
G2 A73 1Crucified like my Saviour
C4 Em75 2Saintlike behaviour
Am6 B77 3A, lifetime I prayed
Em8 B79 4I'm crucified
G10 A711 5For the holy dimension
C12 Em713 6Godlike ascension
Am14 B715 7Heavens away
Em16 10
Em17 11I've seen the deepest darkness
B718 12And wrestled with gods
Em19 13Ride the noble harness
Am20 14Raining cats and dogs
C21 15I stand before my Maker
B722 16Like Moses on the hill
Am23 17My Guinness record breaker
B724 18I abide your will
20The first of reciters
21I saw eternal light
22Best of vocal fighters
23Beyond human sight
24Where thorns are a teaser
25I've played a double jeu
26Yherushalaim at easter
27I cry I pray mon Dieu
29Prophets I've been reading
30Stories I've been told
31Before I end my breathing
32I travel in the soul
33Where thorns are a teaser
34I've played a double jeu
35Yherushalaim at easter
36I cry I pray mon Dieu
37I cry I pray mon Dieu
38I cry I pray mon Dieu
39Adieu mon Dieu
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