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Ariana Grande - Love Me Harder Chords

A0                    C#m1 
0Tell me something, I need to know 
     F#m2                 G#m3           B4  
1Then take my breath and never let it go 
A5     G#m6            C#m7 
2If you just let me invade your space 
     F#m8                 G#m9            B10 
3I'll take the pleasure, take away the pain 
5And if in the moment I bite my lip 
6Baby, in the moment, you'll know this is 
7Something bigger than us and beyond bliss 
8Give me a reason to believe it 
10Cause if you want to keep me 
     C#m12              F#m13          G#m14 
11You gotta gotta gotta love me harder 
  B15           A16                              
12And if you really need me 
     C#m17                       F#m18 
13You gotta gotta gotta gotta love me harder 
      G#m19        B20 
14Gotta love me harder ( I'm a love you harder )  
16Oh oh 
17Love me, love me, love me 
18Oh oh 
19Harder, harder, harder 
21I know your motives and you know mine 
22The ones that love me, I tend to leave behind 
23If you know about me and choose to stay 
24Then take this pleasure and take away the pain 
26And if in the moment you bite your lip 
27When I get you moaning you know it's real 
28Can you feel the pressure between your hips 
29I'll make it feel like the first time 
A21             C#m22            F#m23  
31So what do i do if I can't figure it out 
           G#m24        B25     
32You got to try, try, try again 
A26             C#m27            F#m28  
33So what do i do if I can't figure it out 
34I'm gonna leave, leave, leave 


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