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Alex Day - Dont Look Back Chords

A0                                 Amaj71
0This won’t be the first time that I’ll give it all I’ve got
F#m2                               Dm3
1I promise I don’t mean for everything to turn out wrong
A4                                 Amaj75
2I’m not a complex person, wind me up and watch me go
F#m6                               Dm7
3You’ll always be second to my love for the unknown
A8                                  Amaj79
6It’s late and your nose is turning red from the cold
F#m10                                Dm11
7Our feet are walking rhythmically and crumpling the snow
A12                                     Amaj713
8And I have got myself a question that I would like to ask
F#m14                                   Dm15                          A16
9When it gets to midnight, will you take my freezing hands and dance?
D17                             Dm18                           E719
12And it’s too late for me, but you can still be free if you leave now
D20              Dm21         A22
13And don’t look back, my love
A23                                Amaj724
16I’m a sucker for stability, which might come as a surprise
F#m25                               Dm26
17But I can’t help but love the way you smile to one side
A27                                 Amaj728
18We don’t need the music to remind us what we’ve lost
F#m29                               Dm30
19I can barely move my fingers and I’m slipping on the frost
A31                                   Amaj732
22Now the dark is all around us but for the full moon in the sky
F#m33                                  Dm34
23The world is silent to me, we’re the only ones alive
A35                                   Amaj736
24And I can see my breath in front of me, dancing in the air with yours
F#m37                                 Dm38                  A39
25We both know what we want, but we can’t cos we’re so unsure
D40                            Dm41                            E742
28And it’s too late for me, but you can still be free if you leave now
D43             Dm44           A45
29And don’t look back, my love


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