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5 Seconds Of Summer - Amnesia Chords

D G  x2 

 D                                  G 
I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted
  D                                      G 
I thought about our last kiss the way it felt the way you tasted
    Bm                                     G 
And even though your friends tell me youre doing fine
          D                             G 
And you're somewhere feeling lonely even though hes right beside you
        D                                     G 
When he says those words that hurt you do you read the ones I wrote you

    Bm                             G 
Sometimes I start to wonder was it just a lie
   Bm                             G 
If what we had was real how could you be fine

Cause Im not fine at all

    D                                   A    
I remember the day you told me you were leaving
    Bm                                  G 
I remember the make up running down your face
        D                                A  
And the dreams you left behind you didnt need them
     Bm                        G 
Like every single wish we ever made

  D                               A   
I wish that I could wake up with amnesia
   Bm                          G 
Forget about the stupid little things
         D                               A  
Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you
        Bm                   G 
And the memories I never can escape

Cause Im not fine at all

The pictures that you sent me they're still living in my phone
I'll admit I like to see them Ill admit I feel alone
All my friends keep asking why Im not around
It hurts to know youre happy and it hurts that youve moved on
It's hard to hear your name when I havent seen you in so long

It's like we never happened was it just a lie
If what we had was real how could you be fine?
Cause Im not fine at all

 A                                 Bm 
If today I woke up with you right beside me
G                                  D 
like all of this was just some twisted dream
A                                 Bm 
I'd hold you closer than I ever did before
And you'd never slip away
And you'd never hear me say

                     D  G 
Cause I'm not fine at all
                          D  G 
No, I'm really not fine at all
                       D   G  
Tell me this is just a dream
Cause I'm really not fine at all


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