Chord Sheet Guide

Artist Name & Title of Songs

  1. You should use original artist names and song titles. Letters must be in the same case as in the official artist name and song title
  2. If there is featured artists, please include it in the Song Title (Calvin Herris - Sweet Nothing ft Florence Welch)
  3. If there is already a version of the song you prepare in myChordBook, do not add any versions because myChordBook does it automatically

Chord Sheet

  1. myChordBook is a chord platform, so do not submit tabs!
  2. Seperate chord and lyric lines. This is necessary for our editor to understand and parse chords and lyrics differently. Do not put lyrics on the same line with the chords. If you do it, our editor will think it is a lyric line. Chords will not be colorized and you can not sync them with a video
  3. Always try to prepare chord sheets in original tone. If you add a video and synchronize your chord sheet with a video, your chord sheet MUST be in the same tone with your video. Do not forget, myChordBook already has transpose and virtual transpose functions, which enable people to change the song key and virtual transpose (capo, key etc.) to the desired value. So, always try to submit in the original tone
  4. At the end of your chord sheet, do not add any information such as your name or any other info such as capo information. myChordBook will display your nickname as the creator of the chord sheet
  5. Chords need to be on the correct position when placed on lyrics. Try to place them on the right words/letters regarding timings
  6. You can organize your chord sheet as the way you want. However we generally suggest this convention: Do not put chords on the B PART of the song if it has the same chord progression with A PART. This makes Chord Pages clean. However, it is your decision.
  7. In myChordBook, bemol chords are rarely supported. Our editor can not parse most of the bemol chords. Try to convert bemol chords into sharp chords. We constantly increase our chord library. So this will not be an issue in the future. Check our Chords page for supported chords. Shoot us an email if you used a chord that is not in our library.
  8. myChordBook Editor can not parse chords that are written next to each other (Ex: F#GmA)
  9. It is very important that you seperate long sentences into new lines. It is very difficult for people to scroll horizontally if they use a small screen. Mobile usage is very high right now. So prepare chord sheets vertically.
  10. You should include the full song in your chord sheet. Do not submit chord sheets where only a part of the song is prepared such as chorus, intro etc. These kind of submissions are not approved.


  1. You should select a lyric line for each part of the video. For example, if there is a part where there are no related lyrics; Add a lyric such as Intro, Ending, Solo etc. and sync it with the video
  2. When a part of the song is repeated such as chorus, you can sync the same part twice. However if you do that, when a user click on that repeated part to navigate video, it will be directed to the first occasion of that lyric/chord.