Installing Easy Guitar Driver

Install Easy Guitar according to your operating system. If you do not know your operation system, find out here

When you connect the board, Windows should initiate the driver installation process (if you haven't used the computer with an Arduino board before).

On Windows Vista, the driver should be automatically downloaded and installed. (Really, it works!). On Windows XP, the Add New Hardware wizard will open:

  • When asked Can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software? select No, not this time. Click next
  • Select Install from a list or specified location (Advanced) and click next
  • Make sure that Search for the best driver in these locations is checked; uncheck Search removable media, check Include this location in the search and browse to the drivers/FTDI USB Drivers directory you downloaded before. (The latest version of the drivers can be found on the FTDI website.) Click next
  • The wizard will search for the driver and then tell you that a USB Serial Converter was found. Click finish
  • The new hardware wizard will appear again. Go through the same steps and select the same options and location to search. This time, a USB Serial Port will be found

You can check that the drivers have been installed by opening the Windows Device Mananger (in the Hardware tab of System control panel). Look for a "USB Serial Port" in the Ports section; that's the Arduino board.

Connect Easy Guitar to your computer via a USB cable. If you are connnected to the internet, drivers will be installed AUTOMATICALLY. Your computer will see it as FT232R USB UART when installing. If it does not install automatically, you should download the driver below and unpack it with a ZIP program.(If you do not have a ZIP program, you can download from here .)

Go to Start>Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Device Manager address at your computer.Open Universal Serial Bus Controlers. Find the unknown device from the list and right-click on it. Select update driver software. Choose the folder you created with the ZIP program.

Download Driver

Installing Chrome Extension of Easy Guitar

When you select a video at videos page, press Add to Chrome button on the left.SelAect Add to the Chrome pop-up.

Easy Guitar Plug-in Screen Shot

If add button is not working, you can directly download the chrome app from here

Website will install the plugin and refresh the page. Now you can see the three steps that needs to be done. First one is to execute the plugin, which will be done automatically. Second one is to click the connect button. For the last step you just click the yes button to register your EasyGuitar.