Travie McCoy - Golden ft Sia chords

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A0            C#m1 
0You got that look in your eyes, eyes 
F#m2 D3 1I can tell you had bad dreams last night
A4 C#m5 2Let me me take you in my arms, you can cry, cry
F#m6 D7 3Let me love you 'til you feel alright
A8 C#m9 4Cause I am yours, you are mine, you are mine, mine ( yeah )
F#m10 D11 5Not going anywhere, I am standing by your side ( uh uh )
A12 C#m13 6I will love you 'til the end of time, time
F#m14 D15 7I will love you 'til the day we die ( let's go )
A16 C#m17 F#m18 D19 9Don't fear, baby, cause you and me are golden
A20 C#m21 F#m22 10When you can't breathe
D23 11It's you that I'll be holdin' ( yeah )
A24 C#m25 F#m26 D27 12Yes, I'm all in, through thick and thin ( yeah )
A28 C#m29 F#m30 D31 13This is good loving, when you and me are golden
D32 ( Dm33 ) 14You and me are golden
16I gotta give it to her, she got a mean golden eye game
17Honestly it’s not a lot of O's to fit the rhyme scheme
18But fuck it, for the sake of being overly cheesy
19I think it's cute we both like our eggs over easy
20And lately I've been losing at love
21But when you lookin' in the Lower East Side
22You're bound to find nothing but bad luck
23Days can drift by, but I don't give a damn if you with me
24Even if the earth exploded, I'd probably wouldn't notice
25Never has another narrowed down the field to nada
26Spend our days shopping at Target
27Cause she’s not concerned with Prada
28We make hand-me-downs look designer
29Golden's in the eye of the beholder
30Love ya, girl
32And honestly she ain't even gotta say much
33I'll wait a whole day for that Midas touch
34Minus the fact she's the finest eyelids could open to
35My highness, I'd travel the world
36And back in hopes to glow with you
37She’s the Patti Mayonnaise to my Doug Funnie
38Every kiss is 24 carats, no Bugs Bunny
39I used to live wild, she made me slow it down
40Who knows, maybe one day, we'll have a golden child
41Haha, and that’s word to Eddie Murphy
42I wouldn't trade places if you threatened to hurt me
43Two peas in a pod that could never be open
44I’m cool all by myself, but together we golden, yeah
A34 C#m35 F#m36 D37 46Don't fear, baby, cause you and me are golden
A38 C#m39 F#m40 47When you can't breath
D41 48It's you that I'll be holdin
A42 C#m43 F#m44 D45 49Yes, I'm all in, through thick and thin
A46 C#m47 F#m48 D49 50This is good loving, when you and me are golden
D50 51We are golden
Dm51 A52 52I ain't going anywhere
0 3 5 7 E B G D A E
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