Stevie Nicks ft Tom Petty - Stop Draggin My Heart Around Lyrics and Chords

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Intro: A0       C1  G62  C3 
Verse chords:  Em4     G5  A6 
( VERSE7 ):( A8 )Baby ( Em9 )you'll come knocking on ( G10 )my front door( A11 ) ( Em12 )Same old line you ( G13 )used to use before( A14 ) ( Em15 )I said ya...well... ( G16 )what am I supposed to ( A17 )do ( Em18 )I didn't know what I was ( G19 )getting into( A20 ) 1
( CHORUS ):( C21 )So you've had a little ( D22 )trouble in town ( C23 )Now you're keeping some ( D24 )demon down ( C25 )Stop draggin' my... ( D26 )Stop draggin' my... ( C27 ) ( G628 )Stop draggin' ( C29 )my heart around ( Em30 ) 2
( VERSE31 ):It's hard to think about 3what you've wanted
4It's hard to think about what you've lost
5This doesn't have to be the big get even
6This doesn't have to be anything at all
8I know you really want to
9tell me good-bye
10I know you really want to
11be your own girl
13( CHORUS ):Baby you could never look me in the eye
14Yeah you buckle with the weight
15of the words
16Stop draggin' my...
17Stop draggin' my...
18Stop draggin' my heart around
Instrumental break: D32 C33 G34 ( repeat ) C35 G636 C37 20
( VERSE38 ):There's people running 'round loose 22in the world
23Ain't got nothing better to do
24Than make a meal of some
25bright eyed kid
26You need someone looking after you
28I know you really want to
29tell me good-bye
30I know you really want to
31be your own girl

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