Rhett Atkins - Kiss My Country Ass Lyrics and Chords

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0Tearing down a dirt road, rebel flag flying 
2coondog in the back.
D1 3Truck bed loaded down with beer and a cold
5one in my lap.
G2 6Earndhart sticker behind my head and my woman
8by my side.
D3 9Tailpipes poppin, radios rockin, Country Boy
11Can Survive.
A4 12If you got a problem with that.
D5 C6 F7 A8 D9 13You can kiss my country ass.
G10 D11 16If your a down home backwoods redneck
G12 D13 G14 17Come on stand up and raise your glass.
D15 18If you ain't down with my outlaw crowd
D16 C17 F18 A19 D20 19You can kiss my country ass.
22I love turkey calls,ovaralls,wrangler jeans
23i smoke nothing but marlboro reds.
24Tattoos up and down my arms and deer heads
25over my bed.
26My grandaddy fought in world war 2 and my
27daddy went to vietnam.
28And i ain't scared to grab my gun and fight
29for my home land.
30If you don't love the american flag.
31You can kiss my country ass.
32(repeat chrous)
34Theres a whole lot of high class people out
35there thats looking down on me.
36Cause the country club where i belong is the
37honky tonk till 3 in the morning.
38I don't wear no fancy clothes no ties or
39three piece suits.
40You can find me in my camoflauge hat,t-shirt
41and cowboy boots.
42If that don't fit your social class.
43You can kiss my country ass.
44(repeat chrous)
46Cause i'm a front porch sittin,guitar pickin
47moonshine sippin, tobacco juice spittin
48country boy from the woods.
49I love fried chickin,outlaw women and i
50wouldn't change if i could.
51I don't like to start know fight,but i'll
52finish one everytime.
53You just mind your own damn business stay the hell out of mine.
54If u got a problem with that.
55You can kiss my country ass.

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