Michael Jackson - Earth Song Lyrics and Chords

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G#m0 C#1 G#m2 C#3 G#m4 C#5 D#6 1
G#m7 C#8 2What about sunrise
G#m9 C#10 3What about rain
G#m11 C#12 D#13 4What about all the things, that you said we were to gain
6What about killing fields
7Is there a time
8What about all the things that you said was yours and mine
E14 F#15 10Did you ever stop to notice
B16 F#/A#17 G#m18 11All the blood we've shed before
C#m19 12Did you ever stop to notice
D#20 13The crying Earth the weeping shores
G#m21 C#22 G#m23 C#24 15Aah aah aah, aah aah aah aah aah aah, aah
G#m25 C#26 ( D#27 ) G#m28 C#29 16Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh, ooh
18What have we done to the world
19Look what we've done
20What about all the peace that you pledge your only son
22What about flowering fields
23Is there a time
24What about all the dreams that you said was yours and mine
C#m30 F#31 26I used to dream
B32 F#/A#33 G#m34 27I used to glance beyond the stars
C#m35 28Now I don't know where we are
D#36 29Although I know we've drifted far
A#m37 D#38 A#m39 D#40 31Aah aah aah, aah aah aah aah aah aah, aah
A#m41 D#42 ( F43 ) A#m44 D#45 32Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh, ooh
A#m46 D#47 34Hey, what about yesterday ( What about us )
A#m48 D#49 35What about the seas ( What about us )
A#m50 D#51 36The heavens are falling down ( What about us )
A#m52 D#53 37I can't even breathe ( What about us )
A#m54 D#55 39What about the bleeding Earth ( What about us )
A#m56 D#57 40Can't we feel its wounds ( What about us )
A#m58 D#59 F60 41What about nature's worth ( ooo,ooo )
C#561 C562 42It's our planet's womb ( What about us )
44What about animals ( What about it )
45We've turned kingdoms to dust ( What about us )
46What about elephants ( What about us )
47Have we lost their trust ( What about us )
49What about crying whales ( What about us )
50We're ravaging the seas ( What about us )
51What about forest trails ( ooo, ooo )
52Burn despite our pleas ( What about us )
54What about the holy land ( What about it )
55Torn apart by creed ( What about us )
56What about the common man ( What about us )
57Can't we set him free ( What about us )
59What about children dying ( What about us )
60Can't you hear them cry ( What about us )
61Where did we go wrong ( ooo, ooo )
62Someone tell me why ( What about us )
64What about babies ( What about it )
65What about the days ( What about us )
66What about all their joy ( What about us )
67What about the man ( What about us )
69What about the crying man (What about us)
70What about Abraham (What was us)
71What about death again (ooo, ooo)
72Do we give a damn

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