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Bm0 Gmaj71 Bm2 Gmaj73 Bm4 D/A5 Gmaj76 Bm7 Gmaj78 Bm9 Gmaj710 Bm11 D/A12 Gmaj713 Bm14 Gmaj715 Bm16 Gmaj717 Bm18 D/A19 Gmaj720 Bm21 Gmaj722 Bm23 Gmaj724 Bm25 D/A26 Gmaj727 1
Em28 F#m29 G530 A531 D32 G33 F34 Em35 2
Bm36 Gmaj737 3I can't remember anything
Bm38 Gmaj739 4Can't tell if this is true or dream
Bm40 D/A41 5Deep down inside I feel to scream
Gmaj742 6This terrible silence stops me
Bm43 Gmaj744 8Now that the war is through with me
Bm45 Gmaj746 9I'm waking up, I cannot see
Bm47 D/A48 10That there is not much left of me
Gmaj749 11Nothing is real but pain now
G550 A551 B552 A553 G554 F#555 B556 A557 13Hold my breath as I wish for death
B558 C#559 B560 A561 14 Oh please, God, wake me
Bm62 Gmaj763 16Back in the womb it's much too real
Bm64 Gmaj765 17In pumps life that I must feel
Bm66 D/A67 18But can't look forward to reveal
Gmaj768 19Look to the time when I'll live
Bm69 Gmaj770 21Fed through the tube that sticks in me
Bm71 Gmaj772 22Just like a wartime novelty
Bm73 D/A74 23Tied to machines that make me be
Gmaj775 24Cut this life off from me
G576 A577 B578 A579 G580 F#581 B582 A583 26Hold my breath as I wish for death
B584 C#585 B586 A587 27 Oh please, God, wake me
D88 G89 F90 Em91 D92 G93 F94 Em95 Em96 D97 G98 F99 Em100 D101 G102 F103 29
Em104 G5105 A5106 B5107 A5108 G5109 F#5110 B5111 A5112 30 Now the world is gone, I'm just one
B5113 C#5114 B5115 A5116 B5117 C#5118 31 Oh God, help me
G5119 A5120 B5121 A5122 G5123 F#5124 B5125 A5126 32Hold my breath as I wish for death
B5127 C#5128 B5129 A5130 B5131 C#5132 G5133 33 Oh please, God, help me
A5134 B5135 A5136 G5137 F#5138 B5139 35
Am140 G141 B142 C143 C/E144 D145 B5146 C5147 C/E148 E5149 F5150 36
E5151 37Darkness imprisoning me
38All that I see
F5152 39G#solute horror
E5153 40I cannot live
41I cannot die
42Trapped in myself
F5154 43Body my holding cell
E5155 F5156 E5157 E5158 F5159 E5160 45
E5161 46Landmine has taken my sight
47Taken my speech
F5162 48Taken my hearing
E5163 49Taken my arms
50Taken my legs
51Taken my soul
F5164 52Left me with life in hell
E5165 F5166 54
E5167 F5168 E5169 F5170 G5171 E5172 F5173 G5174 G5175 C#5176 F5177 G5178 C#5179 F5180 G5181 F5182 G5183 F5184 E5185 F5186 E5187 E5188 F5189 E5190 F5191 E5192 F5193 E5194 F5195 G5196 E5197 F5198 G5199 E5200 F5201 E5202

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