Melanie C - Never Be The Same Lyrics and Chords

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Gm0 D#1 A#2 F#aug3 x2 1
Gm4 D#5 A#6 F#aug7 2I call you up whenever things go wrong
Gm8 D#9 A#10 F#aug11 3You're always there you are my shoulder to cry on
Gm12 D#13 A#14 F#aug15 4I can't believe it took me quite so long
Gm16 D#17 5To take the forbidden step
A#18 F#aug19 6Is this something that I might regret
8Come on come on
9Nothing ventured nothing gained
10You are the one
11The lonely heart that can't be tamed
12Come on come on
13I'm hoping that you feel the same
14This is something that I can't forget
Gm20 D#21 A#22 16I thought that we would just be friends
F#aug23 17Things will never be the same again
Gm24 D#25 A#26 18It's just the beginning it's not the end
F#aug27 19Things will never be the same again
Gm28 D#29 A#30 20It's not a secret anymore
F#aug31 21Now we've opened up the door
Gm32 D#33 A#34 22Starting tonight and from now on
F#aug35 23We'll never, never be the same again
25Now I know that we were close before
26I'm glad I realised I need you so much more
27And I don't care what everyone will say
28It's about you and me
29And we'll never be the same again
Gm36 D#37 A#38 F#aug39 x2 32Never be the same again
34Nite and day
35Black beach sand to red clay
36The Us to U, Nyc to La
37From sidewalks to highways
38See it'll never be the same again
39What I'm sayin
40My mind frame never changed 'til you came rearranged
42But sometimes it seems completely forbidden
43To discover those feelings that we kept so well hidden
44Where there's no competition
45And you render my condition
46Though improbable it's not impossible
47For a love that could be unstoppable
49But wait
50A, fine line's between fate and destiny
51Do you believe in the things that were just meant to be
52When you tell me the stories of your quest for me
53Picturesque is the picture you paint effortlessly
55And as our energies mix and begin to multiply
56Everyday situations, they start to simplify
57So things will never be the same between you and I
58We intertwined our life forces and now we're unified

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