Kat Dahlia - I Think Im In Love Lyrics and Chords

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0Time's been ticking hearts are running  
1Think that Cupid's up to something
C1 2You ask me how I feel I say nothing
Em2 3But lately colors seem so bright
C3 4And the stars light up the night
5My feet they feel so light
6I'm ignoring all the signs
8I keep on frontin
9Yeah I stay bluffing
10I keep you wondering
11Keep you hunting for my lovin
12But I crave us hugging
13Yeah I stay stubborn
14Cause I can't admit that you got all the strings
15And know just how tug em
Em4 C5 G6 17I think I'm in love again
18( In my head yeah you're in my head )
Em7 C8 G9 19I think I'm in love again
20( In my head yeah you're in my head )
Em10 C11 21I didn't think it could be true
G12 22Let alone that it would be you
Em13 C14 G15 23I think I'm in love again
24( I'm in love I'm in love I'm in love )
26My heart's pacing, I'm confused I'm dazing
27I saw something I never seen in you it's got me shaking
28I must be hallucinating,I hear it happens, I'm just saying
29Babe I'm just saying
31Someone give me some paper, someone give me some crayons
32I'm feeling like a child, I need something to play on
33I'm trying hard to trust ya, when you say give me your hand
34Baby I'm falling, I hope you catch me when I land
Bm16 36In my dreams you're the dutch and I'm the duchess
C17 37And your blunts are always loose, so I'm in charge of rolling ditches
Em18 38And we getting so high, we always get the munchies
C19 39And we go for early brunches that turn into late lunches
41And we aint got a label, we're just rolling with the punches
42I make fun of your belly, and tell you to do some crunches
43And you say well yea your ass jiggles, go do some lunges
44I say fuck you, while I'm thinking of you as my husband

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