James Arthur - Say You Wont Let Go Lyrics and Chords

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A#0 F1 Gm2 D#3 1
A#4 2I met you in the dark
F5 3You lit me up...
Gm6 4You made me feel as though
D#7 5I was enough...
A#8 7We danced the night away
F9 8We drank too much
Gm10 9I held your hair back when
D#11 10You were throwing up
A#12 12Then you smiled over your shoulder
F13 13For a minute, I was stone cold sober
Gm14 D#15 14I pulled you closer to my chest
A#16 15and you asked me, to stay over
F17 16I said, I already told ya
Gm18 D#19 17I think that you should get some rest
A#20 19I knew I loved you then
F21 20But you'd never know
Gm22 21Cause I played it cool when I was
D#23 22Scared of letting go
A#24 23I know I needed you
F25 24But I'll never show
Gm26 25I wanna stay with you
D#27 26Until we're grey and old
A#28 F29 27Say you won't let go
Gm30 D#31 28Just say you won't let go
A#32 30I'll wake you up with some
F33 31breakfast in bed
Gm34 D#35 32I'll bring you coffee with a kiss on your head
A#36 34I'll take the kids to school
F37 35wave them goodbye
Gm38 D#39 36And I'll thank my lucky stars, for that night
A#40 37When you looked over your shoulder
F41 38For a minute I forget that I'm older
Gm42 D#43 39I wanna dance with you right now
A#44 41And you look as beautiful as ever
F45 42And I swear that every day'll get better
Gm46 D#47 43You make me feel this way somehow
A#48 45I'm so in love with you
F49 46And I hope you know
Gm50 D#51 47Darling your love is more than worth its weight in gold
A#52 49We've come so far my dear
F53 50look how we've grown
Gm54 D#55 51and I wanna stay with you till we're grey and old
A#56 F57 52Just say you won't let go
Gm58 D#59 53Just say you won't let go
A#60 55I wanna live with you
F61 56even when we're ghosts
Gm62 57you were always there for me
D#63 58when i needed (you) the most
A#64 60Cause I'm gonna love you till
F65 61My lungs give out
Gm66 62I promise till death we part
D#67 63Like in our vows
A#68 65So I wrote this song for you
F69 66now everybody knows
Gm70 D#71 67that it's just you and me till we're grey and old
A#72 F73 69Just say you won't let go
Gm74 D#75 70Just say you won't let go
A#76 F77 71Just say you won't let go
Gm78 D#79 72Just say you won't let go

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