Deorro x Chris Brown - Five More Hours

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D#0 2What you wanna do baby, where you wanna go
Gm1 3I'll take you to the moon baby, I'll take you to the floor
D#2 4I'll treat you like a real lady, no matter where you go
Gm3 5Just give me some time baby, 'cause you know
D#4 Gm5 7Even when we're apart I know my heart is still there with you
D#6 Gm7 8Five more hours till the night is ours, and I'm in bed with you
D#8 Gm9 10This right here is my type of party, oh
D#10 Gm11 11Five more hours we're just getting started, oh
D#12 Gm13 x2 14
15How you wanna feel baby, what you wanna know
16Just pour another drink baby, come on pour a little more
17I'll treat you like a real lady, I'll keep you out the cold
18I'll give you all my time baby, you know even when we're apart
20I follow the sound of your heartbeat
21How it always calls me, finding my way back to you
22I'm feeling it more now than ever
23I'll do this forever, just to spend a night with you
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