Cole Swindell - Chilling It Lyrics and Chords

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               D            A 
I got my shades on top back, rollin' with the music jacked
E F#m One on the wheel one around you baby
D A E F#m E D A Little sunset burning up the blue sky
E F#m E Shinin' off the cross hangin' from the mirror of my ride
D A Breeze blowin' in your hair blowin' 'round
E F#m E You're scannin' through the stations lookin' for that country sound
D A The good stuff iced up in the back seat
E F#m E Nowhere to go, nowhere to be
D A I got my shades on, top back, rollin' with the music jacked
E F#m E One on the wheel, one around you baby
D A Sunset, I bet there's a chance we can get
E F#m E Sure enough, tangled up, laid back and lazy
D A Pour it on easy now, don't spill a bit
E F#m E Nothin' but time tonight, let's get to killin' it
D A E Long as I'm rockin' with you girl you know I'm cool with just chillin' it
D A E F#m E Nothin' but two lane country on up ahead
Girl you so fine, I wouldn't mind if this is all we did
You got me high on kisses you got me missin' signs
Hard lookin' left when my world is on my right
D A E F#m E x2 D A Nothin' like a little you and me low key
E F#m E Right now I'm right where I wanna be
D A E Yeah I love rocking with you girl, we're just chillin' it
D A E X2

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