Bob Marley - Dont Rock My Boat Lyrics and Chords

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A0 C#m1 Bm2 E73 x2 1
A4 C#m5 Bm6 E77 2Oh please don't you rock my boat
A8 C#m9 Bm10 E711 3'Cos I don't want my boat to be rocking anyhow
A12 C#m13 Bm14 E715 4Please don't you rock my boat, no
A16 C#m17 Bm18 E719 5'Cos I don't want my boat to be rocking
D20 7I'm telling you that Oh
E721 8I like it a like this can you miss
D22 9And you should know oh
E723 10When I like it a like a this I'm a really is oh yeah
Bm24 E25 12You satis satis satisfy my soul
Bm26 E27 13Morning time evening cold satisfy my soul
Bm28 14Yes I been a telling you
E729 15We'll play the sweetest games
D30 A31 16I'm happy inside all the time
D32 A33 17Oh, can't you see what you've done for me
Bm34 19You make me feel like
E35 20When we bend a new corners
Bm36 E37 21We feel like sweep stake winners yeah
Bm38 E39 22When we bend them new corners
Bm40 E41 23We feel like sweep stake winner
D42 E743 25And I said Oh uh oh I like it a like this, yes I do
D44 26And you should know oh ah
E745 27When I like it a like a this I've got it just can't miss
30Satis satisfy my soul darling
31Make me love you in the morning time
32If I ever treated you bad make it up to me one time
33'Cos I'm happy inside all the time
34I want you be side me yeah to be mine
36One thing you got to do
37Is when we're holding hands together
38You got to know that we love a love each other yeah
39And if any time you should walk away from me now
40You'll know I'll need your sympathy
42Can you see do you believe me
43Oh darling darling I'm calling calling
44Satisfy my soul satisfy my soul
45Never, never, never give it up now
47All in the same boat rocking on the same rope
48We gotta get together loving each other
49And can't you see what I've got for you, yeah
50I'm happy, happy, happy, happy, happy
51And not even time to be blue now
52Come a little closer

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