Ben Gibbard - You Remind Me Of Home Lyrics and Chords

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G0 		   C1       Am2  
0You remind me of home: the paint cracks when the water leaks 
C3 G4 1from the rusty pipes that are just beneath my feet.
G5 D6 Am7 2You remind me of home: the heater's warm but fills the room with a
C8 G9 3potpourri of dust and gas fumes.
G10 C11 Am12 5You remind me of home: a broken bed with dirty sheets that creaks
C13 G14 6when I am shifting in my sleep.
G15 D16 Am17 7You remind me of home: in a suburban town with nothing to do,
C18 G19 8patiently waiting for something to happen.
Em20 G21 10But the foundation is crumbling
Em22 G23 11and becoming one with the ground
Em24 G25 12while you lay there in slumber...
Em26 G27 13You're wasting your life. Wasting your life. (repeat)
G28 C29 Am30 15You remind me of home: sitting on a thrift store couch,
C31 G32 16I'm trying to get this all down

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