Bad Religion - Infected Lyrics and Chords

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Chord Symbol Chord Pronouncation
G50 D#51 A#52 C53 x8 ( F54 ) 1
G55 D#56 A#57 C58 2Now here I go, hope I don't break down
G59 D#510 A#511 C512 3I won't take anything, I don't need anything
G513 D#514 A#515 C516 4Don't want to exist, I can't persist
G517 D#518 A#519 F520 5Please stop before I do it again
G521 G#522 7Just talk about nothing
D#523 A#524 ( Gm25 D#26 x2 ) 8Let's talk about nothing
G527 G#528 9Let's talk about no one
D#529 E530 E531 E532 10Please talk about no one, someone, anyone
G533 D#534 A#535 F536 12You and me have a disease
G537 G#538 D#539 F540 13You affect me, you infect me
G541 D#542 A#543 F44 14I'm afflicted, you're addicted
G545 G#546 D#547 F548 ( Gm49 G#50 ) 15You and me, you and me
17I'm on the edge, get against the wall
18I'm so distracted, I love to strike you
19Here's my confession, you learned your lesson
20Stop me before I do it again
A551 G552 E553 G554 22You're clear
A555 G556 E557 G558 23As a heavy lead curtain
A559 G560 E561 G562 24Want to drill you
A563 G564 E565 G566 25Just like the ocean
E567 D568 F569 E570 26We can work it out
E571 D572 E573 D574 F575 E576 27I've been running out
F577 28Now I'm running out
G578 29Don't be mad about it baby
31Solo & Interlude:
A579 A#580 F581 G582 x8 32
A583 F584 C585 G586 33You and me have a disease
A587 A#588 F589 G590 34You affect me, you infect me
A591 A#592 F593 G594 35I'm afflicted, you're addicted
A595 F596 C597 G598 ( A599 ) 36You and me, you and me

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