Avenged Sevenfold - This Means War chords

Gm0 D#1 Cm2 Gm3 D#4 F5 F6 D7 F8 D9 F10 D11 D#12 F13 D14 F15 D16 F17 D18 D#19 1
D20 2 Hide my face again, harbor in the shadows
D21 F22 3 Feel this weight of sin hammering away
D23 4 Die with the guilt of a thousand AWOL soldiers
D24 F25 5 Die, watch the scythe usher me astray
D#26 7 I can't go on this way
Gm27 8 Not as I am today
D28 Gm29 9 The ugly side of me is strong
D#30 10 Take aim, a loaded gun
Gm31 11 Pull back on all who run
D32 D#33 C34 coward's truth inside the wrong 12
A#35 Gm36 13 This means war
D#37 14 This means war
F38 D39 F40 D41 F42 D43 D#44 F45 D46 F47 D48 F49 D50 D#51 15 This means war
D52 17 Lash your tongue of bane, carry me to nowhere
D53 F54 18 Mental holocaust, battle never ends
D55 19 Lie! Mask the pain of a child who's forsaken
D56 F57 20 Lie! To myself, praise the new regime
D#58 22 I left me long ago
Gm59 23 Reasons you'll never know
D60 Gm61 24 No one to miss me when I'm gone
D#62 25 With no more words to say
Gm63 26 No argument to stay
D64 D#65 27 Another post I don't belong
A#66 Gm67 29 This means war
D#68 30 This means war
A#69 Gm70 31 This means war
D#71 32 This means war
D72 F73 D74 F75 D#76 Gm77 D78 Gm79 D#80 Gm81 D82 D#83 33 This means war
Gm84 35 No home to call my own
36 No finding someone new
D#85 37 No one to break the fall
Cm86 38 No one to see me through
Gm87 39 No name to carry on
40 No promise for today
D#88 41 No one to hear the call
F89 42 No tattered flag to raise
D90 44 Walk the razor's edge, cut into the madness
D91 F92 45 Question all you trust, buy into the fear
D93 46 I see the man ripping at my soul now
D94 F95 47 I, I know the man, I know him all too well
D#96 49 There's nothing here for free
Gm97 50 Lost who I want to be
D98 Gm99 51 My serpent blood can strike so cold
D#100 52 On any given day
Gm101 53 I'll take it all away
D102 D#103 54 Another thought I can't control
A#104 Gm105 56 This means war
D#106 57 This means war
A#107 Gm108 58 This means war
D#109 59 This means war
F110 D111 F112 D113 F114 D115 D#116 F117 D118 F119 D120 F121 D122 D#123 D#124 F125 D126 60 This means war
0 3 5 7 E B G D A E
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  • D1
  • E1
  • F1
  • G1
  • A1
  • B1
  • C2
  • D2
  • E2
  • F2
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  • A2
  • B2
  • C3
  • D3
  • E3
1 3 5 E B G D

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