Arctic Monkeys - Cornerstone Lyrics and Chords

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A0 1
A1 2I thought I saw you in the battleship
D2 Bm3 3But it was only a look a like
A4 4She was nothing but a vision trick
D5 Bm6 5Under the warning light
F#m7 A8 F#m9 7She was close, close enough to be your ghost
A10 8But my chances turned to toast
D11 Bm12 A13 F#m14 A15 F#m16 9When I asked her if I could call her your name
11I thought I saw you in the rusty hook
12Huddled up in a wicker chair
13I wandered over for a closer look
14And kissed who ever was sitting there
16She was close, and she held me very tightly
17'Til I asked awfully politely, please
18Can I call you her name
D17 Bm18 20And I elongated my lift home
F#m19 D20 21Yeah, I let him go the long way 'round
Bm21 22I smelt your scent on the seatbelt
E22 ( Bm7b523 ) A24 D25 D/C#26 Bm27 A28 23And kept my shortcuts to myself
25I thought I saw you in the parrots beak
26Messing with the smoke alarm
27It was too loud for me to hear her speak
28And she had a broken arm
F#m29 A30 F#m31 30It was close, so close that the walls were wet
A32 D33 31And she wrote it out in letra set
Bm34 C#m35 32No, you can't call me her name
A36 C#m37 34Tell me where's your hiding place
A38 C#m39 35I'm worried I'll forget your face
F#m40 36And I've asked everyone
Bm41 E42 37I'm beginning to think I imagined you all along
A43 Bm7b544 A45 Bm7b546 F#m47 Bm48 D49 E50 40
41I saw your sister in the cornerstone
42On the phone to the middle man
43When I saw that she was on her own
44I thought she might understand
F#m51 A52 F#m53 46She was close, well you couldn't get much closer
A54 D55 47She said I'm really not supposed to but yes
Bm56 A57 48You can call me anything you want

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