myChordBook is a song platform for performers. It has many interactive chord sheets to learn lyrics and chords for songs. It has support for guitar, piano and ukulele at the moment. It has many tools that a musician needs such as tuner, metronome, lessons, ability to create ChordBooks and many more...


There were problems of musicians in the past:

It was hard to understand chord sheets by just looking to the lyrics & chords.

Chord pages are synced with YouTube song videos. Eash chord and lyric has a certain time in the video. User can navigate through the song by just clicking the related lyric or chord. Also, chord fingering positions are shown on the screen.

It was hard to find realiable chord sheets. Most sites have user generated content systems for chord sheets which results of many versions of a single song.

Eash song at myChordBook has been checked by at least 3 musicians before launch and each song has only one version. myChordbook creates the most realiable chord sheet database.

There is no service to create online playlists that can be used to share songs and check other playlists.

myChordBook enables its users to create their playlists and access from anywhere with any device that has an internet connection. User can add songs to his ChordBook from the website, someone else's ChordBook, or just create a new one. He can group and order songs. Traspose and save. Print transposed versions. Users can also use myChordBook Mobile application to use their ChordBooks offline.


myChordBook is created and maintainted by professional musicians, performers and teachers who believed that a better music learning system can be created.